How to Build a Computer

When we moved into our real estate property, I had to figure out how to build the computer that my parents had bought. I figured out that building a computer may be confusing for the average person, however if you take time to learn and understand the key components that require a computer to function, it will make sense to you and you will know how to build one! When I built my first computer, I looked online for guidance. I checked out many forums, watched so many videos, and read a lot of content. My parents were so gracious enough to buy me my first computer parts because I really wanted this project to take off! I didn’t want to waste any of their money or else I would feel terrible!

I remember going to the store with my dad and picking the parts that I needed in order to assemble this amazing piece of machinery. A computer requires the following components: A case, a motherboard, memory, hard drive, cpu, graphics cards, and a power supply. There are many other things that you can get to make your computer awesome but these are pretty much the basic components you need.

A case is basically there to hold all the parts together. This component will protect your computer and it will be the thing that you see the most. A motherboard is a very special piece. This component is the backbone to your computer. You can think of the motherboard as the skeleton. Everything is connected along the skeleton and the motherboard is where you plug all the main pieces and components to. Memory is basically like how the brain works. The computer is able to remember things because of the memory that you provide it with. The more memory the better and faster it will be able to recall. Its like the conscious mind and how it can recall things. The hard drive is like the subconscious mind and is able to recall memory from a long time ago and is permanently stored in.

CPU is the the brain. It does all the thinking and calculating. You can tell this thing to do anything and it works. All the programs that run on the computer are being ran through the CPU. It is the single most important component in a computer because this determines how capable your computer is. The better your CPU is, the more it can handle and the more it can compute. CPU intensive applications really benchmark how capable your computer is. A lot of video editing and so on require algorithms that take your CPU to its maximum potential.

The graphics card is basically like a CPU but its dedicated into processing only graphical things. Many gamer spend a lot of money on this part of the computer because the better graphics card you get, the better your gaming performance will be. It computes pictures and frames and so on and gives a very high quality result. The last part is the power supply. This is a necessary component because it gives life to your other components. The other parts of the computer need power and the power supply supplies power to them. The only thing you need to worry about when it comes to choosing a power supply is making sure it can supply enough power to all the other components!