Computer Deals

Finding deals in computers is one of the most important actions when deciding to build a new computer because it will save you a lot of money if you wait for the right time to buy parts and hunt for deals. I know many people who have bought parts separately from different websites and different stores to maximize the deals for their pc building project. The best time to go deal hunting is during the major deal events throughout the year. Once a year, there are numerous tech related deal events. Boxing day is a major one because many computer stores try to maximize the deals on this day.

Boxing day is one of the best examples for deal hunting because every computer store wants to undercut their competition. One of my favorite computer stores is Canada Computers. They sell a multitude of parts that are desirable to anybody who is looking for deals in technology. They also sell a lot of stuff that I am personally interested in. I recently became interested in photography¬†and Canada Computers sells a lot of cameras that I’ve been looking into.

Black Friday is another good example of when to wait for deals because this is just as good as Boxing Day. I recall my friend at work buying a monitor that I’ve been eyeing for a while for such a good deal! Unfortunately I was not able to grab the monitor but my friend was. 144hz Monitors are the latest and greatest now on the market if you’re hunting for a monitor. I highly recommend them because they’re just a game changer. I’ve seen the difference myself and if I can get my hands on a deal like that again, I’ll definitely jump the gun!

Cyber Monday might be considered the holy grail of computer deals. This is an event that takes completely online on the Monday following Black Friday. This event is the best for many people because its online and you don’t have to go anywhere to spot a good deal. I always shop on this day because I find so many good deals on SSDs and RAM and other peripherals for my computer that I might need. I’ve bought a webcam, a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor on Cyber Monday. Generally I like to wait for deals and waiting for Cyber Monday is always well worth it because I get the best bang for my buck.

I’ve been looking into deals on keyboards recently because I think it is time to upgrade my keyboard. I will probably wait for a good deal and keep an eye out so I don’t miss out on one. Mechanical keyboards are honestly the best type of keyboards to get because they’re so tactile and give amazing feedback when typing. There are many types of mechanical keyboards and finding the right one will be absolutely beneficial to the user! I highly recommend everybody to take a look into mechanical keyboards because they give such an amazing experience that one may have never experienced before!